Should You Get Breast Reduction Surgery

Should You Get Breast Reduction Surgery?

A lot of the time, we hear about breast implants and breast lifts. But on the opposite end of the cosmetic spectrum there is breast reduction surgery. Some women don’t need to increase the size of their breasts because they already have large breasts, and for some they can be too large- a condition called macromastia.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Reduction mammaplasty, or breast reduction surgery, is the surgical procedure in which women with large breasts have their excess breast fat, glandular tissue, and skin removed to reduce the size of their breasts to a more comfortable size. Because this procedure involves the removing of breast tissue, a breast lift is involved with each breast reduction surgery. Whether you’ve had larger breasts since puberty or your breasts increased over time due to weight gain or hormone related reasons, you can always go in for breast reduction surgery. There is no time limit to when you can go in.

Large breasts can be very cumbersome to women. Because of the weight of excessively large breasts, it can cause back and neck pain. Another problem with the size is the chafing in creates on their upper torso, which can also cause rashes and other health issues. Women who suffer this discomfort will go in for a reduction mammaplasty to get relief. In addition to being heavy, they also take up space. They get in the way of many physical activities such as sports and daily activities such as cleaning. Women with larger breasts have expressed that activities like running actually causes pain or discomfort. Shopping for bras and clothes is also a chore for large breasted women because it’s hard to find something that fits comfortably and properly.

Despite common stigma around having larger breasts, women who actually have them are rather self- conscious about it. In fact, women have a harder time emotionally than they do physically when it comes to having extra-large breasts. Women who have breast reduction surgery claim that they feel so much more confident than when they had larger breasts. Some women, whether small or large, have asymmetry in their breasts. Women who have large, asymmetrical breasts will go in to have them corrected and simultaneously reduced.

You don’t have to have overly large breasts to get a breast reduction, either. You can go in at any size to reduce the size of your breasts. And since breast reductions surgery always involves a breast lift, it will improve the overall look of your breasts.

There are other reasons why a woman would choose to go through breast reductions surgery, but the end result is the same: more self-confidence. Whether solely for health and comfort reasons or simply to achieve the look of young, healthy, and perky breasts, reduction mammaplasty has the best patient satisfaction rate. Patients lose the discomfort and pain, and the stigma, and they enjoy beautiful breasts with a more comfortable life. Make sure to consult a health care practitioner to see if a breast reduction is right for you.