Who Should Get A Breast Lift Procedure?

Who Should Get A Breast Lift Procedure?

Many women, young and old, are very self-conscious about their breasts. Whether the issue is saggy and flat breasts, small breasts, asymmetrical breasts, or even breasts that are too large, there is a procedure to help fix them. Mastopexy, otherwise known as breast lifting surgery, is one of the most popular procedures chosen, surpassing even breast implant surgery.

What is Mastopexy (Breast Lift Surgery)?

Mastopexy, or breast lift surgery, simply works with what you already have. This procedure does not involve any implants and its focus is to tighten the breast and lift the nipple so that the healthy patient can have younger looking, perkier breasts. To achieve this, the surgeon will remove excess flesh through certain procedures. There are several different options so that each surgery is tailored to the healthy patient’s specific needs. The anchor lift, the crescent lift, the periareolar (or donut) lift, the vertical (or lollipop) lift, and the Bellesoma (or scarless) lift are five of the most common procedures.

What Are Some Reasons to Get a Breast Lift Surgery?

1. Irritation and rashes caused by sagging breasts. Sagging breasts are the single most common reason for getting a breast lift. Sagging breasts can cause chafing under the breasts on the upper torso as they lay flat against the torso creating a fold over the skin. This chafing can cause skin irritation and rashes which can cause pain to the women who deal with this. Getting a breast lift can alleviate all chafing and thus enhance overall quality of life.

2. Enhance the look and shape of the breasts. Even mild sagging that doesn’t cause any skin issues can be a nuisance. Women desire to have attractive, perky breasts. Getting a breast lift simply to improve the look of your breasts is reason enough.

3. Nipples are pointing in different directions. In some cases, one breast will sag more than the other, creating asymmetrical breasts.

This can be very uncomfortable for many reasons. It can make it difficult to find well- fitting clothes, to go to the beach confidently, and, if it’s more severe, can cause the itchiness and rashes on one side of the upper torso. Many women get a breast lift procedure done to have both nipples point upward and have them evenly taut and perky.

4. The sagging breasts make certain activities difficult. Sometimes, the sagging in the breasts can obstruct women in simple physical activities. For example, bending over to clean the house, the loose breasts will get in the way. Any other activities, like swimming and jogging, are also made difficult as the breasts will impede any improvement. It would be good to note here that it is very common for women to combine a breast lift surgery with breast augmentation. The result is not only perkier but also fuller and rounder breasts. If these points listed out describe you, then you have a reason to get a breast lift surgery. There are many other reasons to get a breast lift as well, but whatever the reason is, make sure you’re aware of what you’re doing and what you’re doing it for.