Should You Get Liposuction

Should You Get Liposuction?

It’s a common misnomer that liposuction is a type of weight loss procedure. Many people who are overweight or obese will often look to liposuction as a method to get rid of their fat. Because of this, doctors often have to set the record straight for their patients. In this article we will see what liposuction is and if this procedure is right for you.

What Is Liposuction?

Liposuction, also called lipoplasty, is a body contouring procedure where “leftover” fat is sucked out of certain areas of the body – neck, upper arms, torso, hips and thighs, buttocks, and calves and ankles. Men and women who have that “stubborn” extra weight on their body but have an otherwise stable body weight (around 30% of their healthy weight range) would be considered a good candidate for this procedure, since this is not a weight loss program. Typically, only two to five pounds are lost with a liposuction procedure.

Many people are under the impression that this procedure comes with a skin tightening effect or removes cellulite, but this is false. While you can opt for other body contouring procedures that come with the benefits of skin tightening and lifting and the removal of cellulite, they are still separate procedures like circumferential abdominoplasty (extended tummy tuck) or cellulite removal.

Are You a Good Candidate for Liposuction?

If you are considering liposuction make sure to go in with both eyes wide open and realistic expectations. This is simply a body contouring procedure. Do you have a healthy diet and exercise routinely but still have areas of the body that have fat that won’t go away? Are there parts of your body that aren’t shaped quite right because of it? These are valid reasons to go in for a liposuction.

Surgeons require that you are within 30% of your healthy body weight with no health concerns. If you have health concerns with blood flow, an auto-immune disorder, or if you have heart disease or diabetes, you cannot go in for the procedure as it can pose as a life risk. You should also already be on the path of a natural weight loss program through diet and exercise.

Ideally you should have elasticity in the skin that will tighten up on its own after the surgery, however, this doesn’t always happen. If this is the case, then consider looking into other body contouring procedures to combine with liposuction such as a breast lift or tummy tuck because the procedure may leave you with loose skin. Weight fluctuation, extreme weight gain/loss, and pregnancy can be a cause of loose skin before and after liposuction.

If you fit the profile of a good candidate for liposuction, make sure to talk with your doctor as with all surgery procedures. You should also plan to keep the results by continuing with proper diet and exercise as liposuction alone will not guarantee that you will keep the weight off in the future. Be aware of the risks and set reasonable standards.