Who Should Get Breast Augmentation Surgery

Who Should Get Breast Augmentation Surgery?

In today’s society, many women around the world are looking to get a “boob job”. But there’s more to breast surgery than just one “job”. In this article, we are going to focus on one of the many breast surgery procedures, breast augmentation.

What is Breast Augmentation?

The word “augmentation” refers to the action of increasing the size of something, which is the focal point of this procedure. Breast augmentation, or breast implant surgery, is the cosmetic procedure in which an FDA-approved silicone or saline implant is placed into, or fat is transferred to, the breasts of a healthy patient to give them a fuller, rounder look. Since the augmentation surgery is for increasing the breast size only, one should not expect to see their breasts lifted in the process. Though patients can still expect to have the fuller, firmer, and rounder breasts.

3 Reasons Why Someone Should Get Breast Augmentation

1. You naturally have small breasts. Women who have small breasts passed down to them through genetics might consider getting breast implant surgery. Many women with small, healthy breasts dream of having bigger and rounder boobs. Having smaller breasts can make it difficult to find well-fitting bras, dresses, and other tops. Also, while many have been able to accept their body, there are some who are still self-conscious about the small stature of their chests. Women with smaller chests who go in for breast augmentation surgery have described having an easier time finding tops and dresses that fit them as well as feeling more confident all around.

2. You have different sized breasts. Asymmetry in breasts will have the same effect on women as those with small breasts. Clothes don’t fit properly and women don’t feel confident. Breast augmentation is an avenue that can be taken to even out the size of each breast. If both breasts are already smaller in size, the surgeon can use slightly different sized implants to make sure that the result is breasts that are uniform in size and even an enhanced look in each of them.

3. Your breasts shrunk after pregnancy, weight loss, or hormone imbalances. Many women experience mild or even severe shrinking of the breasts after childbirth/breastfeeding, rapid or serious weight loss, or hormone imbalances. Women who have been naturally endowed with large, beautiful breasts sometimes experience breast size reduction after going through huge changes in their bodies or stressful events, such as pregnancy. Oftentimes women will get the procedure done to return their breasts to their original size and shape or they will choose to have their breasts bigger and rounder than before. As defined before, breast augmentation simply enhances the shape and size of the breast. Sometimes breast augmentation is used in conjunction with the breast lifting procedure to achieve rounder and perkier results. In the end, any woman who is looking to enhance the look and size of their breasts, have an easier time finding bras and other clothes that fit them, have more self confidence with their appearance, or even all of the above, they are the ones who should get breast implant surgery.