What’s A Tummy Tuck?

In the present era of multiple cosmetic procedures on the market to enhance beauty and confidence, here is the tummy tuck. Do you know what is a tummy tuck -procedure?

As you purview your body, you may be dissatisfied if you have extra flab hanging in the tummy area. And this goes for both men and women. Some may think it’s vain to be examining your body in the mirror. This is not only for beauty purposes or to see where you fall short and could look better, but you are considering your whole health and well-being. Looking good and feeling good can put a pep in your step

Body type is a consideration by the plastic surgeon in the assessing process, but removing unwanted and unsightly fat and skin around the tummy area is a tummy tuck procedure.

Age and Tummy Tuck

Age is not a factor when considering the procedure. The age question is never a factor to seek beauty and or health! When the plastic surgery team does their assessment, their number one concern is your good health and overall well-being, so the procedure is not compromised. That brings a win-win result for both patient and physician. Anyone considering a tummy tuck is seeking to look better and walk in confidence, knowing that you look good to the world and yourself -and you feel good inside. Women who have stopped bearing children want to regain the flat tummies they had prior to having children. And those who have had weight loss for whatever reason use the tummy -tucking procedure to remove excess skin and fat.

A tummy tuck candidate should be as healthy as possible and be as close to your required body mass index (BMI) weight as possible. Also, at this point, you should have already decided that you will have no more children

Recovering After Tummy Tuck

A younger person will recover quicker than an older person, and if you are in excellent health, you are likely to recover even quicker. Just know what to expect. You will have to take it easy for some days and relax a bit. Be sure not to do any lifting during recovery. So, if you have young children or your lifestyle requires you to be lifting, do the necessary arrangements for others to lift for you. The lifting restrictions are for a short period, however, so you will be back to your normal self quite soon