Should You Get a Brazilian Butt Lift

Should You Get a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The “Brazilian Butt” is a term used frequently to refer to a round, well-shaped and lifted butt. Many women (and yes, even men) envy having that beautiful round buttocks that is attributed to Brazilians. There are many options to get that shapely buttocks you desire through exercise, supplements, and surgery. Due to its popularity, you’ve probably heard of the Brazilian butt lift surgery ?(BBL). Maybe, you’re even someone who is considering getting a BBL.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian butt lift (gluteoplasty) is a butt augmentation procedure that involves a fat transfer of the patient’s body from one area to the buttocks. A surgeon will use liposuction to remove fat from certain parts of the patient’s body, like the stomach, hips, thighs, or back, and inject or graft that fat into the buttocks in a strategically placed way to give the rear end a fuller, rounder look.

Reasons to Get a Brazilian Butt Lift

Are you unhappy with the shape of your body? Many people try to shape their body with exercise and weight loss. But through weight loss and genetics you may find that your butt will actually get smaller. Since the surgery uses your own body fat and injects it into your butt, you can contour the shape of your lower body. By using the fat from your stomach, you can simultaneously slim your waist while increasing the size and look of your glutes.

Other than being aesthetically pleasing and attractive, a round butt can also give you a nice feel. A flat butt can make wearing pants or a dress uncomfortable – especially if the clothes were designed for a bigger booty. Fitting well into a nice pair of jeans or looking sexy in that cocktail dress is a reason many have for getting any butt augmentation surgery done.

Since this is a procedure that moves fat from one part of the patient’s body to another, the results will be instantly noticeable. There’s no wait period to see if it worked or not. On top of that, the results are long lasting. While there may be some minor changes, the results of a BBL have been noted to last for many years. This is of course if you don’t gain or lose too much weight after the procedure; you must still commit to maintaining your weight at a healthy level.

For this surgery, to be a good candidate you have to be in good health. As this is a procedure that takes your body fat and transfers it to the buttocks you cannot be “too skinny”. Make sure to come in with some body fat for the surgeon to work with. You cannot have too much body fat either. There is a proper weight range you need to be within: 23%-30% above your BMI.

Although this all sounds amazing, it is still important to be aware that your expectations must be reasonable. There is still a probability for a botched surgery, so be sure to be well researched and know that your surgeon can do the job well.