Should You Get a Circumferential Abdominoplasty?

Should You Get a Circumferential Abdominoplasty?

There are many reasons people look into getting a simple tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). But there are many options within the sphere of abdominoplasty. There is the Standard Tummy Tuck, Mini Tummy Tuck, Reverse Tummy Tuck, Extended Tummy Tuck, and the Panniculectomy. The extended tummy tuck is more formally called circumferential abdominoplasty. It is also referred to as the lower body lift as the procedure includes the front and back of the lower torso.

What Is Circumferential Abdominoplasty?

The standard tummy tuck involves the removal of excess skin on the front and sides of the abdomen while also tightening the muscles under the skin and does not usually include liposuction. Typically, this procedure is done when there is a mild amount of loose skin. The extended tummy tuck differs in that is meant for people who have a significant amount of skin and fat that needs to be removed. A longer incision is made (all around the front of the torso to the back of each hip) and any excess fatty tissue is removed by cutting away or liposuction. The belly button is completely removed and then repositioned and reconstructed. The abdominal muscles are also tightened during this procedure and the butt is lifted. Circumferential abdominoplasty can be combined with a medial thigh lift to further improve overall results.

Who Should Get Circumferential Abdominoplasty?

As stated before, this procedure is meant for those with a substantial about of excess skin and fat since this is such an invasive surgery. Men and women who have lost 100 pounds or more will have such an amount of excess skin that it can get in the way of their daily activities and make even wearing clothes very uncomfortable. The amount of excess skin will also create folds that collect sweat which creates a breeding ground for bacteria which can cause rashes and a wide array of skin problems.

When people are severely overweight, their weight loss journey is filled with a lot more complications and requirements. Thus, circumferential abdominoplasty, though maybe not a requirement, can be a tremendous help in that it cuts away not only the substantial amount of extra skin but also extra fatty tissue for better results. Their weakened abdominal muscles will be tightened, making it easier for them to keep up with their results and their butt will be lifted, as the fat will have caused more skin growth on the backside as well.

The extended tummy tuck surgery is frequently integrated with other procedure since obesity affects the whole body and this procedure alone does not cover every issue. In combination with this procedure, you can also consider an inner and medial thigh lift and an arm lift (brachioplasty). If you are considering a surgery to remove your excess skin, make sure to talk to your doctor and learn what your options are and whether this procedure is right for you. Because this is such an invasive procedure, make sure you are fully prepared, well researched, and have a plan and regimen that you are going to adhere to.