Should I have rhinoplasty?

Typically referred to as a nose job, rhinoplasty is a procedure involving plastic surgery, and it has two main goals. The first goal has to do with reconstructive purposes. For instance, in facial reconstruction, the surgeon helps improve the nose’s function or return the nose to its proper functioning. Specifically, if you suffer from a deviated septum, a condition in which one of the nasal pathways is off center enough to block the flow of air. In this case, you might choose to undergo rhinoplasty to improve the flow of air through your nose, dramatically improving your ability to breathe.

The second, and more common reason an individual chooses rhinoplasty, is for cosmetic purposes. In this case, the goal is to improve the aesthetic appeal of the nose. For instance, you might want to decrease or increase the size of your nose. Additionally, you might want a thinner, less bulbous nose. Whatever the reason, rhinoplasty can significantly improve the appearance of your nose and your confidence along with it.

What to expect

There will be swelling following your surgery. However, within a week, most of the swelling will be gone. You might also experience some bruising under your eyes, but any pain typically resolves within the first 48 hours. Additionally, you might experience a change in sensation on the tip of your nose and upper lip or some stiffness in your upper lip. These side effects typically last only a few weeks. Any changes in your sense of smell or breathing will also improve as the swelling decreases.

Things to consider

Whatever your reason for contemplating rhinoplasty, that is, reconstruction, cosmetic or a combination of the two, there are a few things you should consider. The first and most obvious is that it is a permanent procedure. This, of course, is the goal with reconstruction, but when opting for this procedure for aesthetic purposes, the choice might not be as easy. For instance, although the goal is to choose a nose that compliments the shape of your face, you should also consider such things as your height and skin type as well.

Finally, whatever your reason for choosing rhinoplasty, it is a safe procedure that can provide you a permanent solution for you to enjoy for the rest of your life.

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