Historically Speaking, Tummy Tucking Is Old

Did you know that tummy tucking has been going on since the 19th century? It gained popularity in the last fifteen years only, but it is not a recent craft. Here is a brief history of the evolutionary journey

Early Forms of the Tuck

In the 1800s, no one thought about cosmetics only survival. People back then used excessive skin to cover opened wounds of critically ill persons. The first tummy tuck surgery was performed by Dr. Demar and Dr. Marx in France. Then forward to a decade in Baltimore where a gynecologist, Dr. Kelly, performed the first recognized tummy tuck

In the early days, a tummy tuck could not be done without removing the belly bottom. Thankfully that changed in the 20th century

Saving the Belly Button

In tummy tuck surgeries, it was difficult to save the belly button. After many trials and errors, however, the procedures got more effective and the first belly button was saved by a group of doctors in France, in 1905.

The new measure that saved the first belly button was to apply both vertical and horizontal flap incision instead of just one that they usually applied across the middle section of the abdomen. This method preserved the first belly button, and the belly button was never removed again.

Treating Wounds, Not Cosmetic Purpose

In World War 1, the tummy tuck procedure was used to treat millions of wounded soldiers. Surgeons honed their tummy tuck technique on caring for wounded soldiers. They refined the procedure, leading to the modern tummy tuck techniques. Surgeons back in the 1970s and 80s performed successfully on patients suffering from an umbilical hernia, using the tummy tuck procedure

Modern Tummy Tuck For Many Purpose

In this modern era, medical advances such as proper sanitization and the use of anesthetics have helped to make the tummy tuck technique safer and more effective. The procedure is now commonly used in the removal of C-Section scars. It also removes excessive fats from the abdomen, strengthening muscles and tightening sagging skin, sculpting the waistline, and smoothing the stomach

It’s also a Mommy Makeover procedure, breast augmentation, and liposuction. Mothers use this procedure to regain their youthful appearance after pregnancy

With the advancement of knowledge every day, new procedures and techniques to enhance beauty and comfort keep emerging. The cosmetic surgery industry keeps moving, and beyond the sky is really the limit in body contouring and beauty elevation. The decision to look great and feel great by choosing a tummy tuck procedure is up to every individual.