Common Misconceptions About Liposuction

Have you ever considered getting liposuction? Or perhaps liposuction is something that you have always been averse to for a number of reasons. Whatever the case might be for you, it’s quite possible that you have a few common misconceptions regarding the procedure – and today, we’ll be on hand to help you find out more about these misconceptions and give you a clear understanding of the liposuction procedure.

Common Misconceptions About Liposuction

A growing number of people are choosing liposuction for all of their cosmetic and medical treatment needs – but it’s not uncommon for people to have misconceptions. Indeed, even people who have undergone liposuction treatments can find themselves getting confused by these misconceptions. Luckily, we’ve summarized some of the most common misconceptions about liposuction below, so you don’t fall into the trap of misunderstanding liposuction too!

Liposuction Is Good for Weight Loss

During liposuction procedures, you will lose a small amount of weight. However, if you’re undergoing liposuction specifically for weight loss purposes, you’ll likely be disappointed. Indeed, liposuction generally can only remove up to five pounds of fat at most, and for those individuals who are already of a healthy weight, this can be even less. As such, liposuction is not a good option for weight loss. Instead, liposuction procedures should only be used for reducing specific fatty areas of the body, and cannot replace standard exercise and dieting regimes.

Liposuction for Cellulite

There’s a general misconception that liposuction can be a cellulite treatment – however, this isn’t the case because cellulite is much more complex than this. Cellulite is a layer of subcutaneous fat distorting the skin, but the dimpling effect is caused by the fat pushing against the connective tissue bands. So, while liposuction may be able to remove this fat, it cannot alter the connective tissues.

Liposuction is Temporary

Many people assume that, following liposuction, fat will simply return. However, liposuction is a semi-permanent solution for fat removal, and while a small amount of fat may grow back over time with excessive calorie consumption, this is usually minimal.

Liposuction is an Easy Way Out

People often consider liposuction an easy way out, but this isn’t the case at all. Liposuction cannot really help with a person’s weight loss journey without regular exercise and dieting. As such, it’s not an easy way out; it’s simply a cosmetic treatment targeted towards local contouring and nothing more.


Liposuction is an increasingly common procedure, but there are a few misconceptions surrounding the topic. Hopefully, we have covered some of the most common misconceptions above to help you understand more about what liposuction is and its benefits.