High Definition Liposuction

High Definition Liposuction

Anyone who has ever tried dieting will tell you that losing excess fat doesn’t necessarily translate into every area of the body. For a firmer shape and better looking you, consider HD Liposuction.

Rid The Fat Now

High-definition liposuction solves the problem by removing fat from a predetermined area, automatically shaping your body, accentuating the natural lines of your muscles and tightening the skin. Shedding abdominal fat, which is what most patients want, will enable you to show off your ‘six pack’ or flat stomach to its best advantage. What’s more, the excess fat from one area can be transferred elsewhere in your body to add shape and volume to another muscle group. This modern technology, using VASER liposuction, enables you to rearrange your figure to enhance the way you look. Contact our office today and find out how we can utilize the VASER technology to get you the body you want and desire.

Where on my body should I get Liposuction?

Beyond Beauty Plastic Surgery provides liposuction services on the arms, chin, stomach, face, and neck. For anyone trying to lose weight in the stomach, liposuction is an ideal treatment to remove pesky fat lingering around the belly button.


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