Dr. Mel Ortega: Miami Plastic Surgeon

About Dr. Mel Ortega MD

Dr. Mel Ortega, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Florida, brings over 25 years of expertise to the table, garnering a reputation for exceptional aesthetic transformations. His blend of technical precision and aesthetic finesse stems from an illustrious educational journey and extensive professional experience. With a solid foundation established at La Salle University Mexican Medical School, and further rigorous training in General and Plastic Surgery from esteemed institutions, Dr. Ortega has finely honed his craft, offering transformative and life-enhancing procedures to his patients.

Who is Dr. Mel?

His journey saw him undertaking a rigorous General Surgery residency at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center, a Level III Trauma Center, where he escalated to the role of Chief Resident. Dr. Ortega’s prowess in Plastic Surgery was cultivated at the prestigious University of Texas Medical Branch, where he immersed himself in a three-year program specializing in microvascular, hand, and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Dr. Ortega’s practice reflects a deep-seated commitment to enhancing and restoring his patients’ natural beauty. He provides a gamut of body contouring procedures including, but not limited to, liposuction, gluteal augmentation, autologous fat grafting to buttocks and breasts, and abdominoplasties. His scholarly contributions to the field are evident in his presentations and peer-reviewed articles which delve into innovative surgical techniques and applications. Dr. Ortega’s substantial case experience, particularly in abdominoplasties (exceeding 2500 cases), and autologous fat grafting to buttocks (with case numbers over 1000), speaks volumes about his expertise and dedication to patient satisfaction and well-being. Through a blend of technical knowledge, artistic vision, and compassionate care, Dr. Ortega continues to redefine aesthetic transformation, making a profound impact in the lives of his patients.

Dr. Ortega's Education / Medical School:

  • Pre-Med Curriculum (1973 – 1974) Florida State University · Tallahassee, Florida
  • Pre-Med Curriculum (1974 – 1974) Miami Dade Community College · Miami, Florida
  • Doctor of Medicine (1975 – 1980) La Salle University Mexico School of Medicine · Mexico City, Mexico

Dr. Ortega's Post Graduate Training:

  • General Surgery Residency (July 1982 – June 1987) Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center · Bronx, New York
  • Plastic Surgery Residency (July 1987 – June 1990) University of Texas Medical Branch · Galveston, Texas
  • General Surgery Fellowship (June 1990 – June 1997) American College of Surgery · Chicago, Illinois 

Dr. Ortega Memberships:

  • American Board of Surgery (Expired)
  • Board Certified American Board of Plastic Surgery (Current)


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