Breast Reduction

A breast reduction can greatly improve a woman’s quality of life. This is because often, if a woman is seeking a breast reduction, it is due to the detrimental effects that comes with having large breasts. This can include constant back pain that is only managed through painkillers. The pain can also extend to the neck and shoulders, as a result of bearing the excessive weight of larger breasts.

Many studies have shown that after a breast reduction, the patient experiences almost instant relief from the associated symptoms of heavier breasts. Most patients wish they had done it sooner! However, before you take this procedure, you need to ensure that this is the correct procedure for you. If you believe you have symptoms such as neck pain, shoulder pain, rashes under your breasts, and you experience difficulty exercising due to your breast size, or frankly if you are self-conscious and embarrassed by the size of your breasts, then a breast reduction operation may well benefit you. Insecurities and embarrassment over your breasts can be debilitating at the best of times and can be quite a burden on your mental health if you feel self-conscious finding clothes or in general day-to-day.

When a Breast Reduction is not Recommended

A Breast Reduction will typically not be allowed or recommended if you are a smoker. You will need to quit smoking before you can think about taking this procedure. Furthermore, if you have an underlying medical condition such as diabetes, or heart problems, it might be advised that you don’t undertake this procedure for your own safety. Additionally, if you are deemed as clinically morbidly obese, then there may be a requirement that you have to lose a certain amount of weight before the procedure can be carried out. Finally, if you desire a surgery that will leave no scarring, then a Breast Reduction is not for you.

Despite this, Breast Reductions are generally considered to be a safe and routine procedure with very little risk of complications. As aforementioned, the results will highly benefit any woman who has experienced the symptoms we mentioned as a result of larger breasts.