Breast Augmentation: Questions and Answers

Breast augmentation is a type of plastic surgery that improves the shape or increases the size of the breasts. In addition to adjusting the shape, it can also include a breast lift as well as breast implants. Although there are a variety of sizes and shapes of implants, the procedure is the same across all surgeries.

During surgery, a small incision is made below the breast along the natural fold or our patients can request a new procedure we offer where the incision is done slight in the arm pit area to avoid scars or scars that are more noticeable.

Next, the implant is placed either just below the muscle or above the muscle. Once the implant is in place, the surgeon closes the incision with sutures that will dissolve and be absorbed by the body. Finally, tape is applied over the incision, and a support bra is used to provide an extra level of support for the breasts.

Recovery time

Although breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia, most patients are able to return home the same day. Additionally, it is common for patients to utilize regular pain killers for approximately four to five days following the surgery or for patients with allergies to pain killers, we can recommend other options. Fortunately, most patients do not require continued use of a pain reliever beyond this time frame.

In terms of the implants, they will tend to sit higher at first. However, over the next six months, the implants will slowly settle into a position that is more natural looking, which is where Beyond Beauty really differentiates from the competition. Also, scarring is rather minimal. In fact, because the incision is only about four centimeters and is located in the breast fold, scarring is almost unnoticeable, and should you opt in the arm pit area the scars is almost invisible.

Although there are no drains or dressings, there will be swelling that can last a few weeks to a few months. Consequently, taking a week off from work is highly recommended. Additionally, you should refrain from any strenuous activities, such as running, swimming, and weightlifting. To ensure you do not strain yourself, you should refrain from these types of activities for a minimum of four to five weeks.


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