Breast Augmentation

A great deal of women every year, considered the pros and cons of getting a Breast Augmentation. Arguably, one of the most profound benefits that come from having this procedure done is the increase in one’s self-confidence. Whether this comes from enhancing breasts that the woman feels is too small, or if it is to correct one side that is perhaps smaller than the other side.

Breast Augmentation is a very common procedure and is considered to be very safe. The procedure itself will leave only the smallest of scars that is barely visible once it is healed. Usually, these scars are hidden underneath the folds of the breast, so that unless you were to lift your breast up and look underneath, you will be none the wiser of it. During the procedure, experienced surgeons will make a slight incision just below the breast, usually under General Anesthetic, and then the surgeon will put in a saline of silicone implant below, or over the muscle, according to what has been discussed pre surgery.

Post-surgery, complications are few and far between. Naturally, there will be some discomfort, however if there is pain that you believe in intolerable or at a level you weren’t prepared for, please do not hesitate to request from your surgeon, medication to relieve such discomfort. It is highly advised that you do not seek to self-medicate, as some medication can actually cause bleeding. Often expected are the minor complications such as numbness of the nipple up to six months post surgery or swelling up to a couple of weeks. You will be advised to wear a support bra (it will be provided to you post surgery), for at least 24 hours. In the weeks and months following your surgery, as aforementioned, it is still important to consult with your surgeon before taking any medication to alleviate an discomfort from the surgery.

Despite Breast Augmentations being a very common procedure, and in this day and age, a routine surgery, there can be complications that you should be aware of before you undertake it. These complications are very rare, and highly unusual to experience, however, as with every surgery, you need to be well-informed of every risk. These risks can include ruptures to
the implant, or scar tissue that can result in deformation of the affected areas.

It is important to note, that the greater majority of women do not experience any side effects or consequences except from the minor discomfort to be expected. It is a fantastic procedure that can help a woman to feel much more confident in her own body and help to balance out any size differences between breast and body, and can help individuals to gain a shapelier contour.

Self-confidence is the key in this day and age, and if you would like to look further into what a Breast Augmentation could mean for you, there are multiple websites and advice that you can seek to help you come to a conclusion. Breast Augmentation is renowned for helping breasts to look perkier, to lift up aging breasts, to add volume, all while still looking natural, if that’s what you are after. We make it our priority to deliver the best and the most precise results that you are seeking.