Brazilian Butt Lift

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian Butt Lift is a straightforward surgical procedure. The surgical procedure involves the removal of fat from one part of the body where such areas have excess localized fat, such as the anterior abdominal walls, arms, back, thighs among others. This fat is removed through liposuction, then subsequently injected into, or grafted onto, the buttocks to allow it to appear larger and more lifted and firmer. This procedure in itself, can take between two to four hours.

This procedure has become increasingly more popular, as ultimately it is all natural, no implants are inserted or used. A Brazilian Butt Lift will allow you to maintain that beautiful behind that often deflates and sags as we age. Why not put off that ageing where you can? A Brazilian Butt Lift will ensure that you can avoid those unsightly flaps, and flat bums!

Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

As you are placed under general anaesthetic during the procedure, you won’t feel a thing. The surgery itself, involves incisions where the surgeon will extract the excess fat from the area you and your surgeon have agreed on. These fat stores are then purified and readied to be injected into your buttocks. Up to five incisions will be made around the buttocks to ensure a balanced fat transfer.

The surgeons that undertake your Lift will be highly experienced and versed in ensuring that your lifted buttocks will be entirely symmetrical and moulded to the correct volume and shape that you desire.

Believe it or not, during all of this, the incisions that are made by the surgeons, are so minimal and so slight, that you won’t even require sutures. As aforementioned, the surgery can take up to four hours. Overall, this is typically a surgery on the shorter side of things, but it is best to allow for up to four hours.

Risks and Recovery of Brazilian Butt Lifts

It is the surgeon’s responsibility and duty to ensure that the patient is fully informed of all risks and possible negative outcomes that may present themselves in regard to the patient’s specific circumstances. These risk are few and far between, but can include asymmetry, to perforation of seromas among others. It is important that the patient does their research before consenting to such a procedure.

In rare cases, injection of the removed fat can result in embolism, cysts, and fatty lumps. The surgeon if she/he has noted such results, will inform the patient on how to manage such swelling to ensure that further complications can be avoided. Communication is key here. The risks and recovery of Brazilian Butt Lifts will be substantially less if the surgeon and the patient are able to communicate effectively to ensure that all complications are seen to and treated immediately, and that the patient is fully informed of all risks and how to manage their recovery to the best of their ability.